What is the International Coaching System and AcHoplnt?Why Coaching?

International Coaching System

A system of principles, strategies and methodologies to ensure the efficient planning and delivery of a coaching system to support international students.

What is the International Coaching System and AcHoplnt?

International Coaching System is supportive activity with in ; 2019 Eras­mus+ Key Action 2 Higher Education, Strategic Partnerships {KA203) "Aca­demic Hospitality For International Students In Higher Education: Building Guidelines For Academic and Non-Academic Staff", short name AcHoplnt project. Please click on the video for a short description of AcHopInt and International Coaching System.

Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to ensure the adaptation of in­ternational students to the educational institutions where they are in the academic, social and cultural fields, to prepare a guide book to be applied by academic and administrative staff, and to create synergy among stu­dents with the coaching system called "International Coaching System". The project will be implemented internationally with the following part­nership structure, and it will be ensured that the applications are com­pared and good examples are shared.

International Hudavendigar AiHL Murat {Turkey), defined as the leading partner for the International Coaching System methodology of creating and piloting the project. "International Coaching System Guide Book" con­sists on road maps which is necessary for the operation of the system such as working tools, roles, time management strategies, matching principles, coaching selection criterias, teamwork etc. "International Coaching System Tutorial Video" provides a valuable roadmap for application of ICS in higher education institutions. PLease click the video above.

Why International Student Coaching?

Coaching; It is a union of forces established between a coach and a student in the educational environment to support the development of the student. For Coaching students; It aims to help him to know himself, to set goals relat­ed to the areas he / she can develop, to gain learning skills, to develop orga­nizational skills and a sense of responsibility, to develop the ability to cope with the problems he / she may encounter.

The great benefit of coaching is that International Students see quick, positive results as an outcome. This is because coaching is participative and students tend to learn and adopt new habits more easily when they are actively engaged in the learning process with their coaches. As soon as a coaching session ends International Students can implement practices to reach their goals.

The process is entirely devoted to the students’ issues and the attainment of new behaviour goals. One great point about coaching is that it takes place over an extended period of time. Which means will be constantly challenged and encouraged to work on issues that need improvement.
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